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just a mild wild child of the weather channel

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i usually leave this up to the weather, but

time travel and perpetual motion and discovering alternate forms of locomotion

steet art and sidewalk chalk and unusual expressions

aren't those all the haps now-a-days?
bringing back the spirit of the free city collective and the san fracisco diggers

just a mild wild child of the weather channel

who's ever so happy you could make it
and is getting back to business as usual

and i would like my interests to read as follows
but they're not allowed
words and
colors and
shapes and
textures and
textiles and
nouns and
things and
misgivings and
nothing else

but and still and however and therefore including:
blueberry muffin planting conspiracy theories

weather systems and writing sweet nothings in library books

sun flowers and abstractions and case studies of size and color and solipsism and sophism

alliteration and assonance and consonance and other obscure literary devices and vehicles, vroom vrooom there goes one now!

furthering the counterculture cause and
transcendental meditation and vegetarianism
bookmaking and
papermaking and
leftist folk and
and people with things to say
and places to go
and people to meet and
really nothing else